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If you are our Guest, thank you so much for coming. You can fill out the Connect Card without signing in. Thank you for letting us know how we may serve you.

Members and Regular Attenders, in order to stay connected, we have a secure online directory. Visit the Connect Page and sign in. If you have not signed in before, please use your email and click I do not have a pass code. If you cannot login, we do not have an email address. Please let us know. Update your information. Having your birthdays and anniversaries would be an incredible addition. If you are not listed in the directory and want to be, let us know. If you are listed in the directory and you do not want to be, let us know. 

The pastor's phone number is on the front of Sunday's bulletin.

Thank you.

Phone Solicitations

If you are on the page because you called the office and we were not available, please fill out the connect card and we will contact you.

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